Hello šŸ‘‹,
I'm Cesar!


I am a Software Developer. I enjoy learning and building pretty much anything. Web Apps, Websites, Legos. I am proficient in Java,C#,HTML,CSS,Javascript. I am currently diving into React and GatsbyJS. When I am not working/coding, I am doing photography, hiking, and playing basketball.


Workout Tracker

A project that will allow users to track their workouts ( Big 3: Squats, Deadlifts, Bench) and show their progress overtime. Their will also be a plan to follow. Built using DOTNET Core, React, and JWT Authentication. ONGOING PROJECT

Personal Website

Build my personal site using GatsbyJS and Contentful

Github Lookup

This application is used to lookup and get details on Github users.

Let's Work Together

If you want to chat about a project you want help with or need any advice, just drop me a message. Iā€™m AVAILABLE for any projects you want to work on.

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